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How to Make a Public Records Request

Florida Public Records Law

Chapter 119 of Florida Statutes sets out Florida’s Public Records law. In sum, Florida’s Public Records law provides that any record made or received by any government agency or entity in Florida in the course of its official business is available for inspection by the public, unless a requested record is specifically exempted from disclosure by Florida law. Northwest Florida State College is a political subdivision of the State of Florida and, as such, is subject to Florida’s Public Records law. Providing access to public records is a duty of the College.

The requester does not need to identify themselves or specify why records are requested, unless required by law.

Requests for public records should be directed to the Office of General Counsel, which has been designated to receive and facilitate public records requests and any legal notices or inquiries regarding same for the convenience of the public. The Office of General Counsel often must collaborate among College departments to ensure that the responsive requests are provided to the requester. The Office of General Counsel monitors the [email protected] inbox.

Media requests should be directed to the office of Strategic Communications at (850) 729-5244 or [email protected].

What do I do if I receive a public records request?

If you are an employee of NWFSC, and you receive a request for public records, forward the request immediately to [email protected] so that the College can ensure that it is promptly responded to and closed.

Who do I reach out to with other questions?

If you have further questions regarding public records or prefer not to e-mail the College, please contact:

Northwest Florida State College
Office of General Counsel
Attn:  Public Records Request
100 College Blvd. East
Niceville, FL 32578
(850) 729-5253

Any civil action to enforce Florida’s public records laws must be in compliance with Section 119.12, Florida Statutes. Prior to filing any civil action to enforce Florida’s public records laws, a public records requestor must provide written notice identifying the public records request at issue, at least five (5) business days before filing the civil action.

What if I am a member of the media and with to make a media request?

Members of the media may make public records requests as provided on this page. If you are a member of the media and have a request that is not a public records request, direct it to Strategic Communications at [email protected].