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College Courses for High School Students

Dual Enrollment is a statewide program for high school students to enroll with fees exempted for students in college courses to earn college credit and credit toward high school graduation simultaneously. The Florida dual enrollment program was created by Florida statute and is governed by state law. It serves public, private and home-schooled students.

More than 50,000 high school students in Florida participated in dual enrollment at the state’s 28 state colleges last year, earning over 577,000 semester hours of college credit. Northwest Florida State College has provided dual enrollment opportunities for more than 25 years to thousands of students.

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If you need to take a PLACEMENT TEST, you may schedule the PERT here.

PERT study guide and tests can be found here.

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For more information, please contact the Dual Credit Coordinator at

Summer and Fall 2022 Dual Enrollment Registration

April 5 – Dual Enrollment Registration Forms can be submitted for Summer and Fall 2022.

April 12 – We will begin processing forms in the order they are received.  The student, parent and high school counselor will receive an email once the form has been processed by the Dual Enrollment Staff. 

Dual Enrollment Registration Form: 

  • Please select your high school or county from the list below. 
  • The Dual Enrollment Registration Form is used during initial registration.

Click your high school or county to access the Dual Enrollment Registration Form: Errors on the form will delay your registration process. 


The Dual Enrollment student who wishes to make changes to their initial schedule should complete a Drop/Add form. Changes may include:

  • Dropping a course from your current schedule.
  • Dropping a course and adding a new section of the same course.
  • Adding a new course after the initial registration.

Drop/Add Form

Dual Enrollment Withdrawal Form:


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA, cumulative/unweighted
  • Must take an approved placement test
  • Juniors and Seniors may register for any term, during or after school hours, on NWF State College’s campus or at their high school.
  • Sophomores may take courses after school hours in the fall, spring, or any time during summer term, offered on campus or at their high school.
  • Rising Sophomores may begin taking Dual Enrollment courses following the last day of 9th grade.

Home School Students

  • Must be officially enrolled in a home school program
  • Must take an approved placement test
  • Submit a copy of your current Legal Compliance and Eligibility Form on file with the school district
  • Must have earned at least 5 Carnegie Units (transcript must be submitted prior to registration day)

Private School Students

Please refer to your school’s governing articulation agreement for private student eligibility, as this varies from school to school.

Articulation Agreements