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Northwest Florida State College recently upgraded Degree Works to provide an improved user experience. We really hope you like it!

Notes about your new degree audit:

  • Morning Refresh: Each morning your degree audit will be updated to capture the most recent changes to your record. If a course does not appear within the degree audit (or if it appears in the “Not Applied” section), please allow up to 24 hours for the degree audit to refresh. After 24 hours if the course still does not appear correctly, please contact a Student Success Navigator.
  • Course Substitutions: If you received an approved course substitution prior to Spring 2021, your course substitution may not automatically appear within your new audit. Don’t worry – you still have the approval! We will simply need to add it back manually. If you find that a course substitution is missing from your audit, please contact a Student Success Navigator.
  • Catalogs Prior to 2017: If you are pursuing a degree program from a catalog prior to 2016-2017, your degree audit may not automatically appear within Degree Works. Don’t worry! Simply contact a Student Success Navigator.

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Questions? If you have questions regarding your updated degree audit, please contact a Student Success Navigator at (850) 502-2895, via live chat, or at