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Spring 2021 Bonus Term (February 5 – May 6, 2021)

NWFSC’s fast-track 12-week term begins February 5. Enroll now in these support-enhanced General Education and popular elective courses during the Spring 2021 Bonus Term. Students in these classes will enjoy focused academic support, right within their online classes. Embedded learning coaches can provide tutoring support and research assistance, help students stay on track, and connect them with additional academic services. Start and finish strong in one of these support-enhanced online classes:

BSC 1005-General Biology  CRN: 21477

BSC 1086C-Anatomy & Physiology II  CRN: 21473

CIS 1000-Intro Computer Science  CRN: 20057

ECO 2013-Economics I  CRN: 21475

ENC 1101-English Composition I  CRN: 21519

ENC 1102-English Composition II  CRN: 21510

ENC 1102-English Composition II  CRN: 21529

ESC 1000-Earth Science  CRN: 21476

HUM 1020-Humanities Intro  CRN: 21480

HUM 1020-Humanities Intro CRN: 21527

MAC 1105-College Algebra  CRN: 21479

PHY 1020-Physical Science  CRN: 21478

SPN 1120-Spanish  CRN:21523

Additional 12-week fast-track courses are also available online:

COP 2224-Programming in C++  CRN: 21242

COP 2800-Introduction to Java Program  CRN: 20061

CTS 1142-Info Tech Project Management  CRN: 20925

CTS 2127-Cert Info Systems Sec Professional  CRN: 21259

MKA 2041-Retail Management  CRN: 21230

Top Quality, Low Cost

NWF Online combines Northwest Florida State College’s exceptional faculty and student-centered instruction with the accessibility and affordability of online learning. NWF offers top-quality, low-cost, open-enrollment courses and fully-online programs that are just a click away, with outstanding student support from onboarding through program completion.

Quality Education, Right at Your Fingertips

NWF Campus combines affordability and accessibility, providing engaging online learning environments for students. Online courses are offered year-round in full 16-week terms and in 12-week and 8-week “fast-track” terms.

Hybrid Experience

Hybrid courses are supplemented with online instruction and resources to allow for reduced seat time, combining the best of NWF’s traditional classrooms with the greater flexibility of the online learning environment.

Questions and More Information

Have questions about online courses or want to know more about taking classes online with NWF State College? Email [email protected], or you can use the integrated live chat feature found in the bottom right corner of your browser window.

Resources for Current Students

Current students should visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for “how to” information and general troubleshooting.

Go to our Getting Started with Blackboard page for an orientation and overview of best practices for online learning in Blackboard.

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The further along that I progress in the RN to BSN program, the more that I see for myself all of the wonderful things that I have heard about NWFSC. The program’s director and its nursing faculty are exceptional. The program’s curriculum and plan of study are very well organized and have exceeded my expectations. […] I am truly grateful to NWFSC and its faculty for a seamless experience in continuing my nursing education.

Alia Ebraheem, BSN, Class of 2019

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