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Open Door Grant Program at NWFSC

This “Last Dollar Grant” opportunity offers students in eligible programs a maximum award amount of $3000 not otherwise covered by federal/state grants. Award amounts will be determined by taking total cost of enrollment minus the total value of all grants and scholarships. This grant does not pay back to pocket if unused.

The following programs are eligible for Open Door Grant funds:

Accounting Technology

Associate in Science
•  Accounting Technology (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  Accounting Technology Management (CCC)


Associate in Science
•  Professional Pilot Technology (A.S.)
•  Unmanned Vehicle Systems Operations (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  Commercial Pilot (CCC)

Vocational Certificate
•  Aviation Airframe Mechanics (CCP)
•  Aviation Powerplant Mechanics (CCP)

Building Construction

College Credit Certificate
•  Building Construction Specialist (CCC)

Business Administration

Associate in Science
•  Business Administration (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  Business Development and Entrepreneurship (CCC)
•  Business Management (CCC)
•  Business Specialist (Human Resources) (CCC)

Computer Information Technology

Associate in Science
•  Computer Information Technology (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  Computer Information Data Specialist (CCC)
•  Information Technology Analysis (CCC)
•  Information Technology Support Specialist (CCC)

Computer Programming and Analysis

Associate in Science
•  Computer Programming and Analysis (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  Computer Programmer (CCC)
•  Computer Programming Specialist (CCC)


Associate in Science
•  Cybersecurity (A.S.)

Early Childhood Education

Associate in Science
•  Early Childhood Education (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  Child Care Center Management Specialization (CCC)
•  Early Childhood Development Specialization (CCC)
•  Infant/Toddler Specialization (CCC)
•  Preschool Specialization (CCC)

Engineering Technology

Associate in Science
•  Engineering Technology – Electronics Specialization Option (A.S.)
•  Engineering Technology – Maintenance Technician Specialization Option (A.S.)
•  Engineering Technology – Mechanical Design & Fabrication Specialization Option (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  CNC Machinist/Fabricator (CCC)
•  Engineering Technology Support Specialist (CCC)
•  Rapid Prototyping Specialist (CCC)

Graphics Technology

Associate in Science
•  Design and Digital Marketing (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  Graphic Design Production (CCC)

Health Services Management

Associate in Science
•  Health Services Management (A.S.)

Hospitality and Tourism

Associate in Science
•  Culinary Management (A.S.)
•  Hospitality and Tourism Management (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  Culinary Arts (CCC)
•  Culinary Arts Management Operations (CCC)
•  Event Planning Management (CCC)
•  Food and Beverage Management (CCC)
•  Food and Beverage Operations (CCC)
•  Guest Services Specialist (CCC)
•  Rooms Division Management (CCC)
•  Rooms Division Operations (CCC)

Industrial Management Technology

Associate in Science
•  Industrial Management Technology (A.S.)

Medical Coder/Biller

College Credit Certificate
•  Medical Coder/Biller (CCC)

Medical Laboratory Technology

Associate in Science
•  Medical Laboratory Technology (A.S.)


Associate in Science
•  Nursing (A.S.)

Paralegal Studies

Associate in Science
•  Paralegal Studies (A.S.)

Physical Therapist Assistant

Associate in Science
•  Physical Therapist Assistant (A.S.)

Public Safety

Associate in Science
•  Emergency Medical Services (A.S.)

College Credit Certificate
•  Paramedic (CCC)

Vocational Certificate
•  Correctional Officer (Basic) (CCP)
•  Emergency Medical Technician (ATD)
•  Firefighter I/II (CCP)
•  Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician-Combined (CCP)
•  Law Enforcement Officer (Basic) (CCP)


Associate in Science
•  Radiography (A.S.)


Vocational Certificate
•  Welding Technology (CCP)
•  Welding Technology – Advanced (CCP)

How do I qualify for Open Door Grant?

Open Door Grant funds will be applied to the student’s account once the application has been approved, student program/course registration is verified, and other aid is applied.