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AI Decoded Resources – TNBT 2023

List of 15,000+ AI ToolsFindMyAITool


Common AI Applications:

Personal Chatbot – ChatGPT

Personal Chatbot – Microsoft Bing (Similar to ChatGPT but uses the Bing search engine for up-t0-date results)

Personal Chatbot – Google Bard

Image Generation – Dall-E (Accessible within ChatGPT, requires the “Plus” paid version)

Image Generation – Image Creator from Microsoft Bing

Image Generation – Stability AI

Chat with your documents – Humata: ChatGPT for Your Data Files

General AI Writing Assistant – Grammarly: Free Writing AI Assistance


AI Related News Sites:

Daily AI Newsletter – TLDR AI Newsletter – Keep Up With AI, ML, and Data Science in 5 Min

AP AI News – Artificial intelligence | AP News

AI Focused News – AI News – Artificial Intelligence News (


Helpful Educational Videos:

How to make effective GPT prompts – Master the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt Formula (in just 8 minutes)! – YouTube

GPT tips and tricks – 32 ChatGPT Tips for Beginners in 2023! (Become a PRO!) – YouTube

Machine Learning example – Hide and Seek


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