Increased credit and non-credit overall enrollments

Strategies Reduce the proportion of students in non-paid status by drop for non-payment date. Fully utilize federal and state relief funds to support economically disadvantaged students. Expand efforts to recruit students for selective admissions programs and off-campus instructional sites. Annual Targets 2% increase Weight – 30%

Increased number of annual completions

Strategies Expand the number of short-term certificates and credentials earned by Associate in Arts students. Fully implement the Last Mile Scholarship Program for near completers. Continue to pursue legislative action to improve the funding formula for dual credit students. Annual Targets 2% increase Weight – 40%

Increased year-to-year student persistence

Strategies Improve registration and financial aid processes through automation of Banner. Increase internships, apprenticeships, and industry certifications that lead to college credit. Increase the percentage of students enrolled in accelerated terms (12-week and 8-week). Annual Targets 2% increase Weight – 30%