How much does tutoring cost?

All services offered by the Academic Success Center (ASC) are absolutely free of charge to any student registered at NWF State College. The free professional assistance available at the ASC could cost fifty… View Article

How can I request help?

To get the most out of the free tutoring offered, we recommend that students request appointment times.  Call 850-729-5389 or come by the Academic Success Center in the Susan Myers… View Article

Is it OK if I just drop by?

If you need help, simply come to the Academic Success Center in the Susan Myers Learning Resources Center (Building 500), located on the Niceville campus. We will show you around,… View Article

Do you offer online tutoring?

Yes! The Academic Success Center offers live tutoring sessions via video conferencing or instant message. In addition, the ASC has a Submit a Paper option where students can upload a… View Article