NWF Students Recognized for Excellence at Student Awards and Honors Ceremony

NICEVILLE, FL– Northwest Florida State College held its annual Student Awards and Honors ceremony on Friday, April 20. During the ceremony, NWF President Dr. Devin Stephenson gave the keynote address to students and families on the importance of pursuing excellence in all things.

“These students and their numerous achievements are what truly define our success,” said Dr. Devin Stephenson, President.  “I cannot think of a better way to celebrate their hard work and the student focused environment we have cultivated at NWF State College than through our annual Student Awards and Honors Ceremony.”

Those recognized for student achievement for the 2017-2018 academic year include the following:

2017-2018 All Florida Academic Team: Faouzia Burgett (Gulf Breeze), Julia Kammer (Fort Walton Beach), Tori Manning (DeFuniak Springs), Maria McLain (Crestview), Annibell Ochs (Crestview), Jasmine Richardson (Crestview) and Jennifer Smalley (Destin)

2018 Coca-Cola Academic Team-Gold Scholar: Jennifer Smalley (Destin)

2018 Student Leader of the Year: Julia Kammer (Fort Walton Beach)

2018 Student Organization of the Year: African American Student Association

32nd Annual James and Christian LaRoche Memorial Poetry Contest: First place: Allison Williams (Tallahassee); Second place: Lucy Miree (Santa Rosa Beach) and Finn Newton (Fort Walton Beach)

Best Advertising Campaign in Graphic Design: Patrick Cole Pilcher (Freeport) and Brian Turney (Niceville)

Excellent Student of the Year Welding Program: Scarlett Quesenberry (Niceville)

GPA Award in Architectural Design & Construction Technology: Elaine Bieber (Navarre)

Outstanding Student in Drafting, Design & Technology-Technical Illustration Option: Lori Jackson (Florala, AL)

Perseverance Award in A.A. Pre-Architecture: Kristen N. Bailey (Navarre)

Outstanding Student in Engineering Technology-Electronics Specialization: Gary W. Jacobs (Crestview)

Outstanding Business & Computer Technology Student: James Yacks (Niceville)

Outstanding Business & Computer Technology BAS Student: Stacey McLeod (Laurel Hill)

Outstanding Student in Creative Writing and Literature: Brandi Caughorn (Santa Rosa Beach) and Georgia Johnson (Santa Rosa Beach)

Outstanding Student in Dance: Lauren Hutson (Shalimar)

Outstanding Student in Music: Gabrielle Schrack (Niceville)

Outstanding Student in Recording Arts: Matthew Hall (Crestview)

Outstanding Student in Theater: Madelyn Robichaux (Mary Esther)

Outstanding Student in Visual Arts: Jose Molina (Crestview)

Outstanding Student in Humanities: Donna Jo Scott (Crestview)

Outstanding Student in Mathematics: Andrew Coffey (Fort Walton Beach)

The Holly Guiles Mathematics Achievement Award: Shannon Calhoun (Crestview)

BSN Academic Excellence Award- Overall Highest GPA: Mary Dickerson (Petal, MS)

Outstanding Student in Physical Science: Stephen Clapp (Baker)

Outstanding Student in Biological Science: Lawrence Farve (Destin)

Outstanding Student in Social Science: Alizabeth Turner-Ward (Niceville)

William T. Hall Pacesetter Award: Timothy West, Jr. (Crestview)

Spring 2018 Hurst Review NCLEX® Scholarship: Allyse Bray (Fort Walton Beach)

Ross Hamilton Service Award: Lilly Conley (Seacrest), Vivian Nguyen (Miramar Beach), Jasmine Richardson (Crestview), Donna Jo Scott (Crestview), Jorell Scott (Crestview) and Melissa Wright (Niceville)

Transfer Scholarship to FSU-Panama City: Jason Brown (Freeport), Christina Cary (Niceville) and Julie Coletti (Destin)

SkillsUSA Career Pathways-Human Services: First Place Team: Kaitlyn Crawford (Crestview), Kayla Green (Lafayette, GA) and Jamie Oldacre (Crestview)

SkillsUSA Career Pathways- Health Services: First Place Team: Megan Campbell (Fort Walton Beach), Tracy Hedtkamp (Mary Esther) and Meggie Marut (Niceville)

SkillsUSA Career Pathways- Science, Technology & Math: First Place Team: Emma Michenfelder (Fort Walton Beach), Ashley Peterson (Niceville) and Hailey Roach (Fort Walton Beach)

SkillsUSA Advertising Design: First Place: Heather Phillips (Fort Walton Beach)

SkillsUSA Audio Production: First Place Team: Matthew Hall (Crestview) and Samuel McClead (Fort Walton Beach)

SkillsUSA Computer Programming: First Place: Andrew Ponce (Shalimar)

SkillsUSA Dental Assisting: First Place: Volha Franskevich (Miramar Beach), Second Place: Amber Norton (Fort Walton Beach) and Third Place: Hanah Mathes (Destin)

SkillsUSA Early Childhood Education: First Place: Christine Clark (Niceville) and Second Place: Katelyn Robinson (DeFuniak Springs)

SkillsUSA Healthcare Portfolio: First Place: Charlotte Shumaker (Crestview) and Second Place: Lauren Moore (Crestview)

SkillsUSA Job Demonstration-A: Third Place: Jessica Long (Crestview)

SkillsUSA Knowledge Bowl: First Place Team: Ryan Adams (Mary Esther), Matt Gregory (Fort Walton Beach), Taylor Nelson (Niceville) and Donovan Robertson (DeFuniak Springs)

SkillsUSA Medical Math: First Place: Stephanie Baker (Crestview), Second Place: Kiana Vera (Shalimar) and Third Place: Devin Andrews (Mary Esther)

SkillsUSA Medical Terminology: First Place: James Yacks (Niceville)

Excellence in Early Childhood Education A.S.: Kaitlyn Crawford (Crestview)

Excellence in Early Childhood Education B.S.: Susan Sirois (Crestview)

Excellence in Teacher Education B.S.: Kelli Williams (Niceville)

Gold Standard Award: Devin Andrews (Mary Esther), Haley Baker (Freeport), Stephanie Baker (Crestview), Jacqueline Baxter (Fort Walton Beach), Alyssa Benway (Crestview), Allyse Bray (Fort Walton Beach), Tudorita Burca (Santa Rosa Beach), Faouzia Burgett (Gulf Breeze), Samantha Casey (Hurlburt Field), Lilly Conley (Seacrest), Sheila Correa (Crestview), Heather Coyro (Niceville), Kaitlyn Crawford (Crestview), Mackenzie Devlin (Fort Walton Beach), Peyton Eaton (DeFuniak Springs), Andres Feliz (Santo Domingo, DR), Jennifer Free (DeFuniak Springs), Cretia Futrell (Shalimar), Elpidtha Maria Gibson (Crestview), Katelynn Gradolph (Niceville), Kayla Greene (Niceville), Andrew Hannah (Navarre), Andrea Hefner (Crestview), Jennifer Holland (Crestview), Julia Kammer (Fort Walton Beach), Fallon King (Crestview), Mark Linscott (Niceville), Kristen Lloyd (Fort Walton Beach), Susan Longman (Crestview), Tori Manning (DeFuniak Springs), Shana Marks-Henry (Crestview), Julia Nicole Martel (Crestview), Krisztina Matheny (Santa Rosa Beach), Troy McGlinchey (Freeport), Maria McLain (Crestview), Michele Meyers (Fort Walton Beach), Vivian Nguyen (Miramar Beach), Annibell Ochs (Crestview), Lisa Rath (Destin), Jasmine Richardson (Crestview), Veronica Ronnow (Fort Walton Beach), Sue Schmidt (Hurlburt Field), Donna Jo Scott (Crestview), Jorell Scott (Crestview), Susan Sirois (Crestview), Jennifer Smalley (Destin), Munkhzul Swanson (Freeport), Amy Vanzo (Destin), Christina Walden (Valparaiso), Emily Wixtrom (Eglin AFB), Melissa Wright (Niceville)

Student Organization of the Year - AASA


Photo Caption:  Student Leader of the Year (from left to right) Sam Hill, Julia Kammer, LaTosha Pinckney

Photo Caption: Student Organization of the Year (from left to right) LaTosha Pinckney, AASA members, Sam Hill

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