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The Mission of Raider Rhythms Ensemble

The Raider Rhythms Ensemble proudly represents Northwest Florida State College as its official dance team, embodying the institution’s values and spirit through the art of dance. Our mission is to empower individual strengths, nurture talents, and cultivate leaders who exemplify excellence. We prioritize fostering a vibrant, supportive, challenging, and collaborative atmosphere that motivates our members to flourish as individuals, essential team contributors, and perpetual leaders. Through unwavering dedication and artistic expression, we strive to create a lasting and impactful influence within our community.

Audition for Raider Rhythms Ensemble

Team members are selected through our auditions, where dancers are provided with a unique opportunity not only to display their talents but also to earn scholarships, marking the beginning of an enriching journey of growth and artistic expression. Throughout the year, our ensemble enthralls audiences with dynamic performances, showcasing diverse dance styles including jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and pom choreography. Whether gracing the stage at college events or engaging with the community, our dancers consistently make a memorable impact, driven by their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. Discover the joy of dance with us and be a part of upholding Northwest Florida State College’s legacy of excellence!

Contact Vanessa Kanamoto for more information.

Director: Vanessa Kanamoto 

Instagram: @nwfsc_raiderrhythms