Professional Pilot Technology

Associate in Science

Students in this program will work toward their goal of becoming Professional Pilots, by earning their Instrument, Multi-Engine, and Instructor ratings and their Commercial Pilot Certificate as part of the program.

The sixty four (64) credit hour curriculum framework focuses instruction on the knowledge and skills required to meet the Airman Certification Standards published by the FAA to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate as well as several critical ratings. Intellectual knowledge focuses on the theory, practice, regulatory requirements and execution of commercial aviation operations.

Aviation law and regulations, aviation meteorology, aerodynamics, national airspace structure, vehicle design and control, and human factor considerations are all components of the classroom delivery. Northwest Florida State College provides the flight instruction through a College-contracted flight school.

Program Details

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Related Certificates

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • FAA Instrument Rating
  • FAA Multi-Engine Rating
  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • FAA Certified Flight instructor Instrument (CFII) (elective)

Career Outlook*

Average or Median Salary

Avg. $115,080

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