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Your Key to Campus

Identification and Access Card

The RaiderCard is your identification and access card at Northwest Florida State College. Your RaiderCard is the property of NWF State College and must be presented upon the request of an appropriate College official and may be revoked at any time by the college. Your first RaiderCard is issued free of charge. There is a $15 replacement fee.

RaiderCard Uses

  • Access to Certain Facilities including access to the Niceville Fitness Center
  • Susan Myers Learning Resource Center (Library)
  • Academic Success Center Tutoring
  • Barnes & Noble Bookstore Purchases (Financial Aid)
  • Admission to NWF State College Events
  • Raider Cafe

Raider Access Fee

A nonrefundable $15 Raider Access Fee is automatically added to the registration fees for college credit students. This fee is paid every semester and it activates your RaiderCard to provide access to many services at the college during the semester.

How to Get Your RaiderCard

  1. Register and pay for at least 1 class
  2. Visit any Raider Central location
  3. Present your schedule or receipt showing class payment
  4. Be prepared to be photographed

RaiderCard Care

  • The cardholder is responsible for the care and safekeeping of the RaiderCard.
  • Holes should not be punched in the card and the use of stickers, pins, or other items affixed to the card is prohibited.
  • The magnetically encoded information on the RaiderCard may be protected by keeping the card away from magnetic fields.