What is the appeal process if I lose my financial aid?

A student who has lost financial aid eligibility due to extenuating circumstances may appeal. Extenuating circumstances that may be considered include: personal illness or accident, serious illness or death within immediate family, or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the student. All appeals must be in writing to the Financial Aid Office and include… View Article

How can I get a reinstatement of Financial Aid eligibility?

A student who has lost financial aid eligibility may be reinstated after the student meets the minimum GPA requirement of a 2.0 and a completion rate of 67%. All classes towards the program of study, including those taken at other institutions, will be taken into consideration for reinstatement purposes. A student must be able to… View Article

Is there more I should know about Maximum Timeframe Eligibility?

Students who have attempted more than 150% of the credits required for their degree level are not considered to be making Satisfactory Academic Progress and therefore, are ineligible for financial aid funds. Students seeking second degrees and students with double majors are monitored like any other student under this policy. If the student exceeds the… View Article

What about Academic Progress for Clock Hour Programs?

Students in Career and Technical Certificate (CTC) programs must successfully complete the clock hour course work with a 2.0 GPA for each course funded before additional payment can be made. Students who have zero credits/hours completed for any funded term will lose all subsequent financial aid, regardless of overall GPA and completion ratio. Duration of… View Article