What happens with financial aid when I stop attending class or earn all failing grades?

Federal regulations require a student to complete the term for which they were funded. If you have withdrawn from all of your classes, stopped attending all your classes, or did not successfully complete any of your classes (received all F’s), the College is required to calculate how much of the semester you did attend to determine how much of the aid you have “earned.”” You will be required to pay back the portion of financial aid you did not earn.

How is this calculation done? When the Financial Aid Office calculates the Return to Title IV we must use the last date of enrollment and/ or your last date of academic activity, as reported by your instructors, to determine how much aid you have earned. This date determines how much, if anything, you must repay if you do not successfully complete any of your courses.

Please note, you may not be required to repay your financial aid under these rules if you only drop one or two courses and remain enrolled in at least one financial aid funded course. It is only required when a student is no longer enrolled in or does not pass all courses for a particular term.

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