Activity Stream

Stay informed about upcoming events and your progress in your courses by viewing the Activity Stream. Check the Activity stream for announcements form your instructor, NWFSC, and LTech.

Alternative Formats

Documents in Blackboard are available in different formats like audio and HTML for better mobile device viewing. To download a document in an alternative format, select the three dots next… View Article


To add a file or video to an assignment, use the icons in the tool bar. For more information, go to Blackboard Assignment Help.

Blackboard Mobile App

You can download the Blackboard mobile app on your mobile devices so that you can access your course on the go. The app was not designed to allow students to take… View Article


Check with your instructor if you are not sure where to look for assignment due dates. Some instructors may list due dates in the course syllabus. For information about how… View Article


Courses become available on the first day of the semester. You can search for your courses or filter them. You can search by course name or CRN (5-digit Course Reference Number). To make a… View Article


To view your grades, select the Gradebook icon in the top right corner of your course page. For more information about how to check grades in the Gradebook, go to Blackboard… View Article


You can message your instructor within a course by using the messaging feature. College mail is the default communication method for NWF students. Refer to your syllabus or check with your instructor… View Article

Notification Settings

Go to your notification settings from the Blackboard homepage to choose when you will get notified about grades, course changes, new content and more.

Preferred browser

Always use Google Chrome in Canvas. If you log in with Internet Explorer, you will not be able to see all the content in your course. Download Google Chrome.