Repeating Non-credit Courses

Courses that are taken through the Costa Leadership Institute, Kids on Campus, or Adult Education courses, including ABE, GED, and ESOL, are not subject to repeat rules.

Repeating a Course for Credit Toward Graduation

Certain courses, such as those in the fine and performing arts areas, physical education, and communications areas, may be repeated for credit toward graduation. The specific courses and the number of allowable repeat enrollments are provided in the course description section of this catalog. Only those courses designated as repeatable for credit fall into this… View Article

Repeating a Course to Improve the Grade

State Rule 6A-14.0301 addresses repeated courses and grade forgiveness and states that you may not repeat a course for credit if you have earned an A, B or C in the course, or if you have had three attempts in the course at Northwest Florida State College. If a student receives a grade of F… View Article