Repeating a Course to Improve the Grade

State Rule 6A-14.0301 addresses repeated courses and grade forgiveness and states that you may not repeat a course for credit if you have earned an A, B or C in the course, or if you have had three attempts in the course at Northwest Florida State College. If a student receives a grade of F or W (or a grade of D for a course that requires a grade of C or higher) in any college-credit, vocational, or developmental course, he or she may repeat the course to improve the grade. Students are permitted a maximum of two enrollment attempts in such courses. A third and fourth attempt may be allowed only through an academic appeal process based on major extenuating circumstances. Students can request a third or fourth attempt via the Request for Exception: Records form which can be accessed in RaiderNet.

On the third attempt and any subsequent attempts, the student will be awarded the letter grade earned and will not be allowed to withdraw from the course. If a course is dropped prior to the close of the schedule adjustment period, or if audit status is declared prior to the end of the schedule adjustment period, the enrollment will not count as one of the attempts. However, if the student withdraws from the course after the schedule adjustment period has ended, that “W” grade will revert to a final grade of “F” when grades are calculated at the end of the semester and will appear on the student’s official transcript.

Once a student has successfully completed a course he or she will not be permitted to repeat the course. In certain special or compelling circumstances, it may be possible to re-enroll after successful completion, but the student will have to seek approval by submitting a Repeat a Previously Completed Class For A Grade Request form. Such approved circumstances include, for example, NWF State College program requirements, teacher re-certification, license renewal, and mandated professional development. Grades earned in this manner will not replace grades earned in prior enrollments but will appear on the transcript.

For any course repeated, whether at NWF State College or elsewhere, only credit from the last attempt will be used in the computation of the student’s grade point average and for meeting program requirements. Repeating a course results in an adjusted grade point average; however, if a course is repeated after the student has been awarded an NWF State College degree or certificate, the student’s cumulative GPA may change, but will not affect the credential(s) previously awarded to the student. Students should be aware that some private colleges and universities, as well as out-of-state institutions, and some Florida public universities (depending on the student’s major) may not accept the revised GPA or treat the repeated course in the same manner.

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