CLEP exams are a convenient way for students to demonstrate mastery of introductory college-level material in order to earn college credit. There are currently 33 exams to choose from. Please visit College Board’s Exams page for a current list of CLEP exams.

We recommend that students meet with their advisor prior to registering for a CLEP exam to ensure that this is an appropriate option as each institution has their own CLEP policy. Students who wish to retest for a CLEP exam can do so after 3 months.

How to register to take a CLEP exam:

  1. Go to College Board to register and purchase a ticket for the CLEP exam.
  2. Maintain a copy of your purchased CLEP ticket to bring with you on test day.
  3. Register and pay for an appointment to take the CLEP exam at NWF State College.
  4. Bring a valid government issued ID and the CLEP ticket with you on exam day.

For Active Duty Military

CLEP exams for active duty are funded through DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support). Active Duty Military are eligible to sit and take CLEP exams for free at our Hurlburt AFB testing location.

This is a free one-time opportunity to test per subject, with no sitting or administrative fee. If the tester does not pass on the first attempt, there is a 3-month wait period to retest at the regular price.

Practice Test Resources

Helpful tips on how to prepare for a CLEP exam:  Preparing for a CLEP Exam
Visit Modern States for information and guidance on FREE CLEP test preparation courses.

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