Health Education Systems, Inc (HESI) Admission Assessment

HESI Admission Assessment

The HESI Admission Assessment is a computer based exam for entrance into NWF State College’s Nursing program.

The five sections that are required for consideration into our nursing program are: Anatomy and Physiology, Grammar, Math, Reading Comprehension, and Vocabulary/General Knowledge.

Candidates are given four hours to complete the exam and have two opportunities to test during an application cycle. If a student is not satisfied with his or her scores on the first attempt, he or she may retest during the same application cycle.

HESI scores are only good for their correlating cycle and may not be used for any future cycles.

After registering to take the HESI exam, candidates should go to Evolve and create a student account.

Candidates will need to bring their Evolve username and password login information to the testing center on their test day in order to take the exam. The same username and password login for Evolve can be used for re-testing.

Candidates wishing to take the HESI exam for another school are welcome to test with us. Please check with your program director to verify which sections of the HESI are required.

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