Collegiate High Instructor Named as High Impact Teacher

NICEVILLE, FL– Amy Krafcik, English Instructor at the Collegiate High School at NWF State College, was recently selected as a high impact teacher by the Florida Department of Education for the second consecutive year.

As a high impact teacher, Amy encourages student investment and fosters an environment of learning. “I aim to be student-focused and accessible to all students. I set high standards for my students and then help them achieve these standards,” says Krafcik of her teaching philosophy. “By using every tool possible, I can better understand the needs and struggles of my students and stay connected with them.”

High impact teachers are determined by analyzing student performance on statewide standardized assessments. Teachers that are distinguished as high impact have demonstrated a commitment to student learning and continuously have a positive influence on the student experience.

“Mrs. Krafcik’s second consecutive selection as a high impact teacher is a true testament to the student focused culture that we deeply value at Collegiate High School and NWF State College, said Dr. Devin Stephenson, President.  “Her recognition as one of the finest educators in our state helps further our mission of maintaining the highest standards of institutional excellence.”

For more information about the Collegiate High School at NWF State College, please call (850) 729-4949.

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