Workplace Plans & Benefits

ID Cards ID Cards are available to all employees.  The Raider Card is the official Northwest Florida State College identification card. It is necessary to check out books and other materials from the Susan Myers Learning Resources Center and for admission to various events and performances sponsored by the college. Parking Permits Parking is available… View Article

Healthcare Plans & Benefits

Group Health Insurance NWF State College is a member of the Florida Community Colleges Risk Management Consortium and provides group health care through BlueCross/BlueShield. Full-time employees may choose between four plans:  PPO Schedule of Benefits HMO Schedule of Benefits H.S.A. Schedule of Benefits pt.1 H.S.A. Schedule of Benefits pt.2 Plan C: Dental and Vision (for those… View Article

Payroll Calendars & Salary Schedules

Payroll Calendars College Credit & Non Credit Adjunct Payroll Calendar Full time 9 Month Faculty 10 monthly pays Full time 9 month Faculty 11 monthly pays Full time 12 month Faculty payroll calendar Full time 12 month Regular personnel payroll calendar Part time hourly and Other payroll calendar Salary Schedules Salary Schedule FY 2023-2024