Direct Loan

What is a Direct Loan?

Loans may be available to you as part of your financial aid awards to help fund your education.  Remember: A loan is money that must be repaid and may accrue interest.  You should only borrow what is necessary to help you with your education.  Be sure you understand the terms and conditions of your loan if you decide to borrow.

Visit the Federal Student Aid website to learn more about the William D. Ford Federal Direct Staffed Loan and its application process.

How to Apply

You must have the following on file to submit a Direct Loan Application:

  1. Valid FAFSA for current aid year
  2. Complete a paper loan application
  3. Complete Entrance Counseling (first-time applicants only)
  4. Must be registered for at least 6  Compliant hours credits
  5. Completed Master Promissory Note (first-time applicants only)

Please read Steps 1-4 below for more information about the application process.

Step 1: Complete your FAFSA

Click here to complete a FAFSA form for the current aid year. Please note the FAFSA form cannot be pending to receive a loan.

Step 2: Entrance Counseling Session

First time borrowers who want to apply for a William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan at NWF State College must complete an Entrance Counseling session. This session can also take place online, which consists of a class followed by an online quiz. The Financial Aid Office must have proof of your completed counseling requirements before your loan application can be processed.

Please note: When taking the counseling course, please type Northwest Florida State College in the section that asks for Selected Schools.

Step 3: Master Promissory Note (MPN)

The Master Promissory Note is required for students who are requesting a loan for the first time. After the MPN has been completed, you do not have to complete another one for 10 consecutive years.

Make sure you have these items on hand when completing the online Electronic MPN:

  • FSA ID
  • Your social security number
  • The permanent addresses/telephone numbers of your references
  • Your driver’s license (if applicable)
Step 4: Loan Request Form

In addition to filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), students who want to borrow funds through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program must complete the Direct Loan Request form available at the Financial Aid Office located on the Niceville campus.

The Financial Aid Office can only originate loans for a student after the student has submitted the Direct Loan Request Application and registered for classes, since the number of credits registered for determines the amount of the approved loan. Disbursement of Federal Direct Loan funds at NWF State College are by a check, mailed to the student from the Business Office.  Unfortunately, direct deposit is not available.

Please note that if you have an outstanding financial obligation due to NWF State College, the Business Office will deduct the amount of these charges from your loan fund before the loan is disbursed to you.

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